May 2018

R2D2 Project Kickoff

This project actually began in 2016, when my boys (then 11 and 9) decided it would be cool to build an R2D2. My older boy had just competed on an FLL robotics team, and knowing that he would soon outgrow both FLL and LEGO, I embraced this idea completely, even though I also knew that it would be months and years in the making, and probably cost thousands of dollars to do a credible job.

DSKY Kick-off

I've been interested in building a DSKY for a while. The DSKY is the display-keyboard interface for the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) built by MIT for NASA in the 60's. For whatever crazy, geeked-out reason, I think it will make a great conversation piece for my bar, and if I do a good enough job, maybe some people will be interested in kits so I can make a little money to offset the growing cost of the R2-D2 project.