Busy, busy

"Fun" projects have taken a back burner for several months. And that's OK. I've been busy homeschooling my two boys, and they've been doing great--currently working a grade ahead and getting great grades. We're having a lot of fun in the process, so it isn't that life's necessities aren't just as "fun" as other things, but we do have to set priorities. So, as the moment, I haven't touched the DSKY in some time, and the PiUPS boards are sitting waiting for me to get time to solder on some of the impossibly-small SMD components.

Reactor has also kept me very busy this year. I did a major upgrade in May, and several weeks of development followed by several months of testing filled the space before. The new version has been really well-received, and considerably ups the power of Reactor, so it's been worthwhile and extremely gratifying. I've also started working on a set of YouTube tutorials for Reactor on its own channel. I'll never be a TV (or YouTube) personality, but I think the visual aid will really help users.

The family has also had its first discussions about what to do with the Halloween Photo Booth this year. I am hoping to make it a tradition, but I want to change it every year to keep it fresh. That's meeting with a bit of resistance from mi esposa, who thinks it's fine as-is and we just need to polish it up more. We'll see...

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