Week of June 11 - Distractions

A lot got done this week, but not on the DSKY or R2D2 that has much to show. I got a wild hair to implement a new Vera plugin, called Reactor, to address an ongoing gap in Vera's logic for triggering events. The core of that was pretty simple, but the UI has some persnickety details that took quite a bit of time to comb out. You have to love jQuery, though. The power of it is just insane; it makes it so easy to implement relatively complex real-time interactions. Anyway, I spent most of the week on Reactor, and got it released into Alpha status over the weekend.

On the DSKY, I just reprinted a few of the pieces that I had updated in the CAD model, and got the overall assembly model updated with all the latest changes. It all fits together well. I got a reply from Fran Blanche on my request for some help with dimensions from her hands-on time with a real DSKY, but her response was rather cool, and a follow-up email hasn't gotten a reply, so I guess I'm on my own. Those who know me well know that I'm not above pulling chains in other places, or even buying a real DSKY at auction if I can find one, just to get this right, so I'm far from done getting answers to my questions.

Every week, if I'm not doing something on the R2D2 project, I'm reading about it. My older son also did some research this week, and has a pretty good handle on control systems that are currently available. Still, we both have some crazy ideas about what we want to get done. Honestly, I can't wait to get through some of the mechanical parts of the projects so we can get to work on the details and electronics.

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