Virtual Sensor

Sine waveVirtual Sensor is a "test harness" that emulates the behavior of the most common Vera sensors (security, temperature, humidity, light, and generic). 

When I started working on AutoVirtualThermostat, I needed sensor data to test with. Live sensors are ideal, of course, but my live sensors are just that: live sensor--actual sensors in use in my home. Playing with them or taking them out of service to use in testing has side-effects that are best avoided. Given the current price of Z-Wave sensors, buying a stock of my own seemed foolish, especially since I don't get paid for most of these plugin gigs.

So, I created a skeleton plugin that uses a sinusoidal function to provide sensor data that I could manipulate at will. As with most cobbled-together tools, it was a chewing-gum and bailing-wire project. It had no user interface, and was controlled by directly manipulating state variables behind the scenes. But it was lightweight, and I could create dozens of them to emulate all kinds of behaviors.

With stable versions of AVT behind me, I thought it may be both interesting and educational to release it as a plugin. I cleaned up the code, using the framework I've evolved over the years for writing Vera plugins that works for me (hmm... maybe I should publish the framework?).

Virtual Sensor was born (to the public) in early February of 2018. It's available in the Vera plugin library, the AltAppStore, and on GitHub.

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