About Me

Patrick TinkeringI'm Patrick H. Rigney, a maker, father of two boys, and by trade a software developer, network engineer, and cloud solutions architect living and working in the Atlanta metropolitan area. I do work on a wide range of platforms, include web front-end and back-end, IoT, and home automation.

I wrote my first program at age 11 on a Data General Eclipse using a Model 33 Teletype (with a tape punch) and was hooked. I've been programming ever since. 

I worked in Silicon Valley and around the San Francisco Bay Area for over three decades. My career culminated with founding, running (17 years), and ultimately selling my own company. I now look for interesting projects wherever I can find them, some paid, but most not. I do them for the enjoyment and to keep busy. My recent pro-bono work includes a green-field infrastructure build for a brand new local charter school (desktops, network, etc.), and several plugins for Vera Control, Ltd's home automation systems (these can be seen on GitHub). 

When I'm not working or fixing something around the house, I can be found homeschooling my two boys, making all kinds of things, baking (I love artisan-style breads, especially sourdough, and aspire to make perfect croissants and other pastries), and traveling. As you can see in the photo, I'm not afraid to take things apart—it seems I'm always fixing something (in this case, a TV just a few months out of warranty).

Use the contact page to reach me if you have a question or I can do something for you.