DelayLight is another plugin I've written for the Vera home automation controller. Its core function is to provide off-delay control of a set of supervised lights/loads.

Anybody who has kids has lights left on all over the house all the time. Rather than taking the old school approach, fulfilling our destinies to become our fathers by running all over the house turning lights off and yelling about it, what better purpose could one imagine for home automation? This plugin will turn off lights after a delay period, optionally using sensors (e.g. motion) to help determine occupancy of the controlled space. Interestingly, Vera does not provide this feature natively, and there have been several plugins to do this in the past, but over the years those projects lost their maintainers and have not kept up with changes to Vera. As a result, they operate poorly, or not at all without a patchwork of changes applied by others, but not maintained in an orderly way or from a single, accessible source. DelayLight was originally a plugin I wrote just for my own use, but when the state of things became apparent, I decided to clean it up and release it to the public.

Currently, the documentation for this project can be found in its Github repository.

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